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Develop Better Benefit Strategies Based on
2022 Trends

A Guide for Employers & HR Leaders

As the business world continues to adjust to the ongoing pandemic and the resulting new working reality, employers and HR leaders have faced a range of challenges and adapted by adopting agile mindsets. The new employee economy has shifted the focuses of businesses everywhere.

To be prepared to take on these challenges and to accommodate the ever-evolving expectations of your workforce, you may need to adjust your benefit strategies.

What are this year’s biggest trends in employee benefits and human resources? How can these trends be used to help your organization stand out in the competition for talent? What benefit strategies can you develop to meet the new and changing needs of your workforce?

Download our FREE 2022 Benefit Trends & Strategies Guide to learn how to:

  • Develop benefit strategies that will attract and retain employees, promote work-life balance, support wellbeing, and prioritize DEI policies. 
  • Help your employees feel like they are being supported, valued, and viewed as an individual in your company.
  • Think outside traditional benefit offerings to develop a thoughtful and forward-thinking benefit strategies for your workforce.
  • Align your benefit and HR programs to support increased employee demands this year.

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As your partner in tailored benefit solutions, Parrott Benefit Group is here to recommend options that deliver security, flexibility, more robust benefits, and better communication to your employees. Our mission is to provide innovative benefit strategies by utilizing a professional staff dedicated to excellence, service, and integrity. To develop an effective benefits program, we stratify key business initiatives to include healthcare, human resources, compliance, technology, and financial planning. With locations in Lexington, Raleigh, and Blowing Rock, we currently help around 200 of North Carolina’s employers to meet the needs of today’s workforce, be prepared to face the trends of the future, and stand out in the competition for talent.

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