Health and Wellness

Your Partner in Tailored Benefit Solutions

Wellness is the Key to Productive, Long-Term Employees.

Health and Wellness programs support productive and long-term employees. Parrott Benefit Group offers comprehensive and effective wellness strategies tailored to fit the needs of your business affordably. Our team will invest the time to work with you, your insurance carrier, your staff, and your community to design an achievable and sustainable wellness program that fits the specific health needs of your employees. 

We can help you plan and administer a Health and Wellness Fair to supply important benefit information to employees. Vendor recruitment is also supported and can include hospital systems, physician networks, dental providers, massage therapists, health food vendors, exercise demonstrations, yoga, onsite flu shot clinics, and more.

In North Carolina, two-thirds of all adults are overweight or obese. This directly impacts businesses. Increasing body mass index (BMI) is associated with greater costs to employee health plans– obese workers incur up to 21% higher health care costs compared to those of healthy weight. Your wellness plan may include:

  • Online personal health coach
  • A nutritionist consultation (integrating organics into budget-minded family meals)
  • Healthy lunches and break room snack options
  • Posters and Webinars

Regular physical activity is one of the most effective behaviors to reduce acute or chronic illnesses. Improved health supports greater productivity, reduced absenteeism, and decreased costs from worker’s compensation and disability claims.

  • Corporate fitness trainer sessions and online health coach
  • In-depth workshops on body mechanics, yoga and stretching to limit job injuries
  • Illustrated diagrams of proper movement techniques specific to job
  • Company-specific fitness articles
  • Posters for break room
  • Wellness Activity Calendars
  • Webinars

Tobacco use is costly for employers. Offering employees a cessation benefit can lead to cost savings within the first year after implementation. Engage your employees in the workplace by setting up a supportive environment for smoking cessation:

  • Establish a smoke-free workplace & grounds
  • Explain prescription benefits, in detail
  • Utilize tobacco cessation counselling, which includes physician and telephone support.

Design, implement, and administer employee wellness incentives that are compliant and beneficial to company goals. You can also implement rewards that do not incent spend.

Help your employees reduce and manage stress at work. Emphasize wellness and healthy behaviors, promote mental health benefits, and create a culture of support:

  • Promote Mental Health benefits.
  • Assess needs through individual questionnaires.
  • Utilize the Corporate Fitness Trainer for stress relief integration, focused on exercise and fitness.

Assist your employees in resolving personal problems that may be adversely affecting their performance at work. EAP services can be delivered via phone, video-based counseling, online chatting, e-mail interactions, or face-to-face.