Cigna COVID-19 Alert

The unpredictability of the current situation is complex and Cigna understands how stressful that can be. As some employers are faced with limiting hours, furloughing employees and the like, Cigna wants to remain flexible and accommodating by offering the following services and resources during the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Cigna has introduced the Buoy for Cigna Symptom Checker which provides real-time, clinically accurate information that can help employees identify their risk for COVID-19. Employers are encouraged to distribute the following eCard so that their employees can check their symptoms and risk: DOWNLOAD ECARD
  • Cigna will cover diagnosis, testing, and treatment associated with COVID-19
    • Out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19 diagnostic visits (whether at a provider’s office, urgent care center, emergency room, or via virtual care) are waived through May 31, 2020.
    • Out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19 FDA-approved testing are waived. Only a health care provider or hospital can administer the test and send the sample to an approved lab for results.
    • Cigna will cover treatment associated with COVID-19, but out-of-pocket costs may apply.
  • Out-of-pocket costs for Virtual Visits related to screening, diagnosis, or testing for COVID-19 are waived. Cigna customers can also receive virtual medical care not related to COVID-19 through May 31, 2020; out-of-pocket costs may apply. To schedule a virtual care appointment, log in to or the myCigna® mobile app.
  • Eligibility requirements during this crisis are relaxed and Cigna has established an extended relief period.
    • If an active, enrolled employee working 30 hours or more per week as of March 1 is furloughed or has hours reduced below normal full-time eligibility, Cigna will agree, at the request of the employer, to allow the employee to remain on the plan for the duration of the extended relief period as long as fee and premium payments are made.
  • If you have Cigna pharmacy benefits, log in to or the myCigna mobile app to get a 90-day supply of your prescription maintenance medications delivered to you at no additional cost.
  • Cigna has also announced that they’re making it easier for hospitals to transfer non-COVID-19 infected patients to long term acute care hospitals and other subacute facilities to help hospitals manage the demands of increasingly high volumes of COVID-19 patients. For more details, check out their press release.

EMPLOYEES: For more COVID-19 information and updates from Cigna, you can visit the “Coronavirus Resource Center” on their website and/or download the myCigna mobile app.

EMPLOYERS: To stay up-to-date and informed on COVID-19, Cigna has provided a page specifically for employers that is full of resources for your convenience: Coronavirus Information for Employers.


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