Guardian Webinars for COVID-19 Guidance

Guardian is offering a series of webinars that address how the novel coronavirus is affecting U.S. employers and their workforce. Links to these webinars, along with other important updates, are also available at

10 Things Employers Need to Know NOW About Leave Law and Coronavirus
4 – 5 pm ET Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Learn the 10 things employers should know now to manage coronavirus-related absences. Know the latest details on the new emergency federal bill, and state agency updates regarding paid leave benefits.

Cast a Wider Net: Prioritizing Mental Health and Well-Being When the World is Out of Sorts
4 – 5 pm ET Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Presenting the best practices on providing help in times of crisis, keeping employees engaged as day-to-day work environments change, understanding new work challenges, and managing both home and work relationships during these uncertain times.

Resiliency, Flexibility, and Adaptability: Practical Applications For Today, So We Can All Bounce Back Tomorrow
4 – 5 pm ET Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Discussing ways to support organizations and their workers in responding to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, including how to tap into our strengths of resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability to better cope with anxiety and fear, and ways to be our personal best ̶ not only for ourselves and loved ones, but also for our workplaces and communities.


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