Essential Medical Eye Care for all VSP Members

VSP has expanded access to medical eye care services for most VSP members and their covered dependents through May 31, 2020.

Members now have access to supplemental medical eye care for the detection, treatment, and management of ocular and visual conditions, including conjunctivitis, eye trauma, or sudden changes in vision. They can see their VSP network doctor in-person or remotely. Members can use their routine VSP coverage for lost or broken glasses or replacement contact lenses to meet immediate eyewear needs by contacting their VSP network doctor. For members whose plan already covers essential medical eye care services, there is no change, and they can continue receiving these services from their VSP network doctor.

This extended access to care is ready to use for VSP Members:

  • Through the month of May, if a member is experiencing a medical eye care condition, they should contact their VSP network doctor.
  • There’s no change to premiums and no paperwork to complete.
  • A standard $20 copay may apply for some essential medical eye care.
  • Members receive treatment in a setting that is safe and comfortable including, remote care when appropriate.

To help your employees learn about this extended benefit and connect with their VSP doctor if they need this level of care, please share the following flier: Essential Medical Eye Care Services.


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