COVID-19: Safety & Compliance Webinars

KPA, a team of safety and compliance professionals, is extending their expertise for free to help businesses address coronavirus in the workplace. The KPA Coronavirus Resource Center includes:

  • Webinars
  • On-Demand Presentations
  • Training Courses
  • Posts and Resources

KPA has developed the following “Getting Back To Work Safely” webinar series in order to help you navigate how to return to operations safely in order to protect your workers and customers:

Specifically for your HR team, KPA has complied answers to some of the top COVID-19 HR questions:

More of KPA’s COVID-19 on-demand presentations include:

Whether you have safety and/or compliance questions about reopening your business after COVID-19, or HR questions about safety and/or compliance for your employees who have been working during COVID-19, KPA’s Coronavirus Resource Center is worth a look at.


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