Tips for Hybrid Work Success

Because of COVID-19, many businesses have introduced remote options to their workforce. And, as strictly in-office jobs have become work-from-home capable, employees are beginning to change their expectations and desire a continued work flexibility even after the pandemic has ended.

So, how can you make sure your company is ready to successfully provide a high-functioning and sustainable hybrid workforce? Here are a few tips:

  • Survey your staff. How are they doing? What do they need to succeed? Be sure to address workplace policies, physical space, and technology. If you maximize work flexibility, you empower your employees.
  • Find resources to keep in touch with all your employees, both physical and digital. Personal connections and collaboration are still vital to the productivity of your team.
  • Try to make your office more appealing to employees. Drive a sense of community and positive energy in the workplace so that your employees want to come into the office, rather than work from home.
  • To counter employee exhaustion and burn-out, you will need to actively monitor your staff’s workload and break times. Make sure your employees don’t have too much to do and that they are taking longer and more frequent breaks.
  • If you want to keep your business healthy, you must proactively emphasize on employee engagement, internal team building, and external social networking. Expanding the social capital of your business will lead to greater innovation.
  • Your best chance at attracting and keeping top talent is to create a rich work-life balance for your employees by focusing on their job satisfaction, personal wellness, and growth. Be authentic when promoting company culture and benefits. It will lead to higher productivity and wellbeing.

Overall, the success of your business may depend on making changes to accommodate a new hybrid workforce, so EMBRACE IT. Remote work provides your business with a larger pool of talent as employees no longer need to be local and can work from anywhere. And, it is important to keep in mind that if your staff is seeking work flexibility and you do not provide it, you may lose employees as they search for another job who will. 

SOURCE: 6 tips for a high-functioning hybrid workforce


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