2022 Benefit Trends & Strategies

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in a new working reality, a changing benefits landscape, and a growing challenge to meet the new needs and expectations of employees.
As you face these uncertainties, it may be important for your organization to consider an adjustment to your benefit strategies this year. How can you align your benefit and HR programs to better support increased employee demands this year? What new or enhanced benefits can you possibly offer to help you attract and retain employees?
To assist you in developing a thoughtful and forward-thinking benefits program for your workforce, we have collected this year’s four biggest trends in employee benefits and human resources. Our “2022 Benefit Trends & Strategies” Guide works to connect these trends with important benefit strategies that can help your organization promote work-life balance, support wellbeing, prioritize DEI policies, and show your employees that they are valued and viewed as individuals in your company.


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